CocoaTree is under construction. 

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We aim to provide more advanced iOS workshops and lectures on topics like asynchronous operations, lazy-loading, animations, and watchKitas well as product-development topics like UI design, user-testing, et cetera. You are more than welcome to join us after CocoaNuts meetings and learn about some fancy Cocoa-tricks.


We envision CocoaTree to be a project-centered sub-community of CocoaNuts. We want to turn skilled/enthusiastic iOS developers into app makers who produce super-hot apps and actually ship them to the app store.

CocoaTree is focused on projects and collaboration! Most CocoaTree members would have some experience with iOS, but don't be intimated; all you need is the basics and a mindset for learning!  If you're a beginner looking to get started with iOS development, we recommend that you check out CocoaNuts first.


One of the greatest hurdles preventing developers from creating and shipping cool apps is a lack of persistence and support. With so many MPs, homework assignments, and internships, students can rarely find time to learn something like iOS development and work on projects. CocoaNuts and CocoaTree are designed to solve this problem. 

By bringing a group of passionate individuals together, teaching them product development, and making apps together, we hope to create a community for iOS developers where talented creators are fostered and original apps are brought to life.

Steven Shang:  

Email Steven if you wish to help building CocoaTree.