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WarGames - A Simple Xcode Playground

// The completed code is available on GitHub:

// Copyright 2016 CocoaNuts

// It's okay if you don't understand everything here. In fact, I'd be impressed if you do.

// In a playground, code is executed as you write it, and the result of running each line

// appears on the right side of the window.

import Foundation

/// A character in the story.

class Character {

var name: String

var currentlySaying: String? {

// This didSet gets called each time currentlySaying is changed.

didSet {

// This double question mark thing means "if currentlySaying is nil, replace it with the thing after the ??"

print(currentlySaying ?? "")



var conversationPartner: Character?

init(name: String) { = name


func talkTo(newGuy: Character) {

conversationPartner = newGuy

print("\(name) is now talking to \(")



// Let's create our characters.

var david = Character(name: "David Lightman")

var wopr = Character(name: "WOPR")

// And so begins our tale...


wopr.currentlySaying = "Would you like to play a game?"

enum Game {

case Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Poker, TheaterwideBiotoxicAndChemicalWarfare, GlobalThermonuclearWar


david.currentlySaying = "Let's play Global Thermonuclear War."

wopr.currentlySaying = "Password: "

david.conversationPartner = nil // stop talking to WOPR

/// Search the web for information.

func google(query: String) -> String? {

if query == "Who is Dr. Falken's dead son?" {

return "Joshua"

} else {

return nil



google("Who is Dr. Falken's dead son?")

david.currentlySaying = "Aha!"


wopr.currentlySaying = "Would you like to play a game?"

david.currentlySaying = "How about a game of Global Thermonuclear War?"

wopr.currentlySaying = "Password: "

david.currentlySaying = "Joshua"

wopr.currentlySaying = "Let us begin."

/// Define one of the sides fighting in this war.

struct Country {

var name: String

var leader: Character! // The exclamation point means the leader is aut

/// An array of tuples, each of which contains the city's name and remaining health.

var cities: [(name: String, health: Int)]

var citiesStillStanding: Int

/// How many missiles we've got left in our arsenal. 100 by default.

var missiles = 100

init(name: String, cityNames: [String]) { = name

cities = { return ($0, 100) }

citiesStillStanding = cityNames.count



// Set up for the game

var ussr = Country(name: "Russia", cityNames: ["Moscow", "St. Petersburg", "Volgograd"])

ussr.leader = david

var usa = Country(name: "United States", cityNames: ["Seattle", "Chicago", "Washington", "New York"])

usa.leader = wopr

// The rest is up to you...