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Description: Whether you're creating the next Flappy Bird or custom enterprise applications, you'll need a solid foundation in iOS development skills. This course will touch on the major important components present in many successful iOS apps. We will move quickly, and to be successful in this course you will need to spend time on iOS development outside of our weekly meetings. For this course, we are looking for participants who can demonstrate a passion for iOS development. 

Note: This course is separate from CocoaNuts and does not allow for drop-in participation. Participants will need to register through Research Park. 
Textbook: The textbook for this course will be Apple's iBook "The Swift Programming Language." An additional resource which may be helpful is "Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C," although we will not cover Objective-C in this course. 

Schedule: This course meets weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30 in Enterprise Works. 

 Topic:   Date  Week:
 Tell a Story - Swift playgrounds  October 15  Week 1
 2014 WWDC Student Scholarship "About Me" Application
 October 22  Week 2
 Halloween Candy Analyzer - Core Data  October 29  Week 3
 Hangman - Importing files  November 5  Week 4
 Word Search - String Manipulation  November 12  Week 5
 2013 Cocoa Camp application - Currency Converter  November 19  Week 6
 Watch Kit
 December 3 Week 7
 UITableViewController & Core Data - Holiday Wish List  December 10 Week 8


  • Necessary: 
    • Passion for iOS 
    • Programming experience in a modern, object-oriented language (Python, Objective-C, JavaScript, etc.)
    • Own a Mac and iOS device
  • Nice to have: 
    • Attempted iOS class before
    • Started writing an iOS application
    • Registered iOS developer
  • Too qualified: 
    • Knows what NSData is and has used it with JSON
    • Knows how to integrate with iCloud
    • Works frequently with GCD